Weekly Live HIIT Sessions!


GroovX Blast is a HIIT style workout designed to set pulses soaring. This is a fast moving, interval timed, full body workout!

LIVE sessions consist of pounding workout tracks with 50 secs on / 10 secs rest. Each section consists of 6 sets of varied exercises, specifically chosen to engage all key muscle groups and optimise calorie burn! We use our body weight for resistance so NO equipment needed.

Beginners are welcome with lower intensity options demonstrated at the start of most exercises with progression into higher intensity for those who want an extra challenge.

LIVE classes included with On-Demand membership

Pay as you go - LIVE sessions £5 per 50 min

Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

Fat Burn

HIIT workouts effectively increase resting metabolic rate which means you'll continue to burn calories after the session too. Yes!

Increase Endurance

Over time, you will increase your ability to tolorate a high level of intensity for a longer period of time in all your training. 

Improve Heart Health

A solid HIIT workout, according to recent research, builds heart strength by increasing your ticker's pumping capacity

I did Blast this morning and really enjoyed it. I liked how you gave options (which I needed for some of it). It was fun, engaging and definitely got my heart rate going!



I have not sweated this much since June! Brilliant workout. Thank you Marie x


High Wycombe

I absolutely loved that. Body is burning, but I'm telling it "This is good for you!" Love the high tempo of this style and the cardio workout. Defo sweating lots which is a good sign.



That workout was amazeballs!!!! Sweating buckets, but feeling great. Love it, thanks Marie x