On-Demand with Marie Lawson Fitness

On-Demand with Marie Lawson Fitness was born out of lockdown!
I love delivering fun workouts and believe that fitness shouldn’t be a chore. When the pandemic struck, I moved my business online and was looking for something extra to offer my members who were already exercising with me at home. On-demand essentially gives my customers the control and flexibility needed for building a bespoke workout, All you need is a sprinkle of self- motivation and I will be with you all the way!
I chose GroovX because of the awesome variety of highly effective workouts on offer. The following 4 programmes are available within my on-demand membership – GroovX Stix, GroovX Blast, GroovX Sculpt, GoovX Box
Join me and let me help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals from home.
Fit your workouts into your busy life with on-demand. Improve not only your physical health but your mental well being also.
Access to my taster videos is available upon request.

What programmes are included?

This programme combines boxing moves with dance to give you a dynamic and effective workout that is enjoyable and fun. Release your tension and take your stress away with punching, kicking and moving all to a steady beat.

GroovX Sculpt is a full-body workout using light weights to create resistance while performing movements to help strengthen and tone.

A HIIT style workout designed to set pulses soaring! This is a fast moving, interval timed, full body workout with lower intensity adaptations offered for most exercises. 

Using drumsticks to bash out rhythms and beats with explosive dance moves, GroovX Stix is the ultimate program to hit and smash your way to a better you!

ON-DEMAND WITH LIVE WEEKLY BLAST SESSION (Thurs @ 7pm) ***** £19.99 pm

ON-DEMAND ONLY Unlimited access to video content only ***** £14 per month

How does it work?

Click on one of the below buttons for your chosen package and you will be taken to my TeamUp booking site. Once you're all signed up, you will be granted unlimited access to the workout library on this website. You will receive an email containing your unique login and password and voila! It's yours for the taking - get exercise and start your journey to a fitter and more healthier you xxx

(LIVE Blast customers will receive an invitation to my private Facebook group)

No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Exercise from home

Workout in the comfort and safety of your own home.          No one can see you!

Unlimited access

Login any time, night or day. 

Choose when you want to workout

Fit in your exercise around your busy life at a time that suits you.

Choose a programme that suits your mood and energy levels.

Take advantage of the varied programs on offer

What people are saying about GroovX Fitness

I absolutely love it! I'm definitely seeing results. I'm feeling better, I'm feeling healthier. I'm feeling more toned and sculpted all at the same time, I can really bored. but the fact that there are so many different varieties of workouts really keeps me engaged.

Stephanie GroovX Member

I've been using GroovX for the last three months now and I am loving every minute of it. It's certainly helped me during lockdown and I've lost a few pounds along the way.

Maxine GroovX Member

I love GroovX, there are so many different classes to choose from that no matter how I am feeling on any given day, there is always something to suit my mood.

Sheila GroovX Member

When GroovX was first launched I signed up straight away as I knew it was going to be good and I wasn't dissapointed! My favourites at the moment are Blast, Sculpt and I cannot wait to try Stix.

Monique GroovX Member

By following and learning the GroovX exercise videos you take full responsibility for your own actions. You should consult a doctor before taking part in this or any other exercise programme.
You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise programme, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise programme, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Marie Lawson Fitness from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of GroovX Fitness exercise programmes.